American Express – PASS

American Express had previous difficulty breaking through to teens and young adults.

Their perception was that the brand and its products were not for them. American Express was launching a prepaid teen and young adult card that parents would buy and teens would use and both would monitor.

Developing rich insights based on primary and proprietary research, we crafted a strategy around Access and Aspiration. From the simple to the sublime we provided teens a way to buy the things they wanted and needed, from music tracks on iTunes to rich experiences only available from American Express. We developed content and partnerships to help teens learn financial responsibility. We created a fresh new vertical card design with vibrant colors reminiscent of a backstage pass and named the product to symbolize their pass to the things they wanted as well as the journey into adulthood.

With a multi-channel media plan in support, an exclusive Sony Music digital promotion and experiential in-mall programs, we achieved year 1 acquisition goals in just 6 months.