Axe – Black

Axe Black in Spain struggled to appeal to an adult audience since it enjoyed a loyal following among teens. The brand sought more credibility in the fragrance category among 25 to 35 year old men. Axe Black’s above-the-line campaign, #AlejateDelRuido, or escape from the noise, invited men to distinguish themselves by choosing to be understated. Axe reached out to us to bring this campaign to life with the perfect music activation to reach their millennial target, but how could we reconcile escaping the noise with music? By producing the first silent rock concert… The first concert that isolates you from all the noise except that which you actually want to hear.


To make it happen we enlisted Izal, one of the coolest rock bands in Spain with strong appeal among the brand’s desired target. Next we built a one-of-a-kind soundproof stage in one of Madrid’s most popular city squares. The band surprised its fans with a spontaneous invitation to the concert via social media. Concertgoers received branded Bluetooth headphones upon arrival to enjoy the show. Everything was recorded, uploaded and shared. Over two thousand fans attended the concert along with media from across Spain and Europe. The event garnered millions of earned media impressions and significant engagement on social media.