AXE came to us with a very clear challenge – revitalize ‘One Night Only’ (ONO) and create an immersive music experience that 17-21 year old guys will really dig.

So, we turned ONO into an exclusive party series. Shows in New Orleans, Austin, Philadelphia and Seattle featured one hot DJ and surprise appearances from top hip hop acts including J.Cole and A$AP Ferg. But there was a twist – we didn’t reveal the line up until the party started leaving fans in suspense until the very last moment.

Powered by a solid artist social strategy and college marketing campaign, we camped out at local school campuses and thrilled music-loving teens with ONO ticket giveaways, teasers and plenty of swag!

Before each sold-out show the biggest question on every fans’ lips was “Who you gonna get?”

#AXEONO trended across all four cities as fans’ enjoyed the ultimate hang – up-close-and-personal with their favorite artists. Throughout the night, their social activity also unlocked unique party experiences, building even more suspense and excitement.