Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival

The Bahamas Festival Commission was seeking an agency to elevate the profile of a new Carnival event, one designed to celebrate Bahamian culture and music, while also attracting festival-goers from around the world for years to come. The goal for the inaugural event was to sell 10,000 tickets.

Our involvement gave us a chance to work collaboratively with teams whose experience heightened the work at every level. Our partners at the festival commission provided invaluable insights in creating an authentic emotional connection with prospects, while our fellow Sony Music Latin colleagues leveraged their cultural roots to guide our talent choices and event production coordination.



We began by developing uniform brand look and feel, one that resonated with our core demographics and ultimately increased brand recognition and visibility for the Carnival outside of the Caribbean.

Focusing on four key travel audiences identified by our proprietary segmentation tools, we devised a phased, multi-media communications strategy that was activated in major markets around the U.S. and Latin America. The event garnered news coverage from outlets around the world as our campaign delivered over 75,000,000 media impressions and provided our partners over $250k in added-value.

As a result, the Festival Commission reported significant economic impact for the Bahamas by generating more than 90,000 total ticket sales, far exceeding initial forecasts.