Even though Corona is one of the beers sold most in Mexico, in 2010 the brand approached Sony Music with a problem… Its core demographic was aging and the brand had failed multiple attempts to rejuvenate its image.

To bring new life to the brand, we created the first and biggest music platform associated with any brand… Corona Music.

Corona Music was born out of a 5-year partnership between Grupo Modelo, Corona’s parent company, and Sony Music. At its core was a branded digital music and entertainment hub offering fans access to exclusive content, custom playlists, on-demand streaming, VIP fan experiences around the globe, access to private shows, and the first-ever digital radio station in Mexico, “Corona FM.” The platform was interactive with one-click social media sharing across multiple channels. We also included an online TV Channel, Corona TV, which we conceived and produced exclusively for Corona. The hosted TV channel featured unique content with important Mexican and international artists including exclusive artist interviews, live acoustic session, and live streamed concerts. The results were unprecedented: Millions of downloads, +3 million Facebook fans, +20 concerts live streamed, +450 original videos, +53 million views and above all, Corona wasn’t perceived as boring anymore. In fact, Corona became synonymous with everything music and live concerts in Mexico.