Fanta’s marketing activity had been quiet for several years and sales volumes were on the decline. The second biggest global brand within the Coca-Cola Company wanted to reintroduce the brand to their young and multi-cultural target with a new, more natural formula using their famed but stagnant and superficial spokespersons, the Fantanas.

Arcade designed an omni-channel program centered around a user-generated-content promotion where we professionally cast, designed and created a girl band of 3 Fantanas while giving consumers the chance to become the fourth. The 4th Fantana was positioned as the best summer job in the world and among creating mobile, web, tv, cinema, out-of-home content and shareable videos, Arcade developed a social media promotion kit where consumer applicants could help drive more community votes for their application.

With a complete marketing program behind the promotion, Arcade delivered the highest level of web site traffic in the brand’s history, eclipsing the stretch goal of entries by 600% while stemming the decline in sales volume. The web site generated 30% more engagement than other Coke brands. The two year run campaign also won two Mobi Aawards: “Best in Show” and “Best Mobile Branding”.