Gain (P&G)

Procter & Gamble was in search of a spokesperson for Gain Flings’ U.S. Hispanic campaign, a bilingual Latin artist who would help communicate the brand’s message of joy and would join Portraits of Hope for a beautification project in the Bronx. Portraits of Hope is a non-profit organization that conceives and develops community art installations with students.

To tell the story, we brought onboard Bronx-born star Leslie Grace and produced a custom 8-part web series for an online Gain-branded platform on Yahoo! Mujer. The branded entertainment series was titled “Se feliz con Leslie Grace” and it brought to life Gain’s campaign message of joy in the every day. The series also showcased Leslie Grace’s return to her hometown to celebrate the incredible transformation of the Laundromats. Leslie interacted with the students and directors of Portraits of Hope, and shared joyful memories from her own childhood in the Bronx. Everything was recorded, uploaded and shared across the brand and Leslie’s social media channels. The series ended with Leslie’s first-ever performance in her hometown, during which she surprised the audience with her new single release.

The campaign garnered local and national earned media and the digital content series over delivered by 137%, with +44 Million impressions, +41,000 clicks and 35,249 unique users per month.