International Flavors & Fragrances

Both music and fragrance are, by definition, sensual. Their common attribute is their ability to create an atmosphere, to evoke a mood, a lasting memory.

The Chemistry of Sensuality is an unprecedented collaboration between Arcade and International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), a global leader in fine fragrance development. An immersive, multi-sensory experience bringing together three unique art forms – scent, sound and image – inviting the audience to engage their senses and explore each ones influence on the other. It provokes questions like ‘does our perception of scent change depending on the music we hear?’ or ‘given how scent and sound can revive a thousand memories, how can we create new memories by experiencing these together?’

Featuring unique installations from 8 collaborative triads (1 perfumer, 1 musician and 1 visual artist), The Chemistry of Sensuality introduces eight individual sensual, musical and visual expressions of the sensuality of fragrance. The new scents and sonic signatures that emerged fuse together notes and ingredients in truly unique and unexpected ways, allowing us to break new cultural ground within these complex creative processes.