PUMA ‘The Shoestring Xperience’

The vision behind The Shoestring Xperience was to more deeply integrate the iconic PUMA brand with the lifestyle of music, and elevate the careers of PUMA’s brand ambassadors, by helping them get to the next level.

This CLIO award-winning original branded content series features two up-and-coming hip-hop artists – Ca$h Out from Georgia and Dyme-A-Duzin from Brooklyn, NY – paired with music producers from different genres whom they have never met before.

In the first two 3-4 minute documentary-style webisodes, we track Dyme-A-Duzin and Ca$h Out’s 24-hour collaborations with producer duos We Are Twin and The Soundmen, to create a new track in real time.

Treating fans to a look behind-the-scenes at the artists’ journey, these films document the entire creative process as it unfolds, both inside and outside the studio. Through the film we see how these collaborations push the artists’ creative boundaries and sound, resulting in the creation of entirely new music.

The series premiered exclusively on XXL Magazine inĀ April 2014. Check out the tracks here: