Yo-Yo Ma

For Yo-Yo Ma, his instrument is an extension of self. A member of the bowed string family with four strings tuned in perfect fifths, Yo-Yo’s cellos are filled with character and sweet melody, bringing to life his creativity, unique talent and extraordinary vision.

Inspired by the close bond between artist and instrument, and in recognition of every original album Ma has recorded to date, we decided to put his ‘Petunia’ cello in the spotlight, instead of featuring the artist himself.


Petunia was built by Domenico Montagnana in 1733 and is Ma’s primary performance instrument. The box’s design showcases Petunia’s beautiful style and wood finish and inside its velvet-lined interior is a unique 312-page book containing rare archival photos, short essays about the artist, full track lists and original liner notes.

A treasure for Yo-Yo Ma fans and classical music lovers alike, each limited edition box is numbered for that extra seal of authenticity.